Hi! I’m Sam McCarthy, and MACK Marketing is my brainchild.

Our specialty is eCommerce. That means we focus on things like creating brands, web design, digital advertising, packaging design, copywriting and graphic design. We know what we’re good at, and we stick to it.

MACK Marketing is different to many others in one important way; we recognise that profit is the most important (really, the only) goal of marketing. It’s not just about looking great, or getting “exposure” – both are useful, but neither are sufficient in and of themselves. Ultimately, businesses like MACK Marketing only have clients because we make you money, not cost you money.

With that in mind, everything we do is laser focused on the profit goal. We write copy that sells. We build websites that convert. We keep two eyes on ROAS (return on advertising spend) when we create digital ads and buy placements. Most importantly, we’re always researching, testing, exploring the limits of what is possible. That’s what makes us great.